L’exile d’une famille

Geo magazine – March 2024, France

The selfish case for climate justice

Time magazine – November 2022, USA

Das Monster Schläft Nie

Zeit magazine- November 2022, Germany


Greenpeace magazine- June 2022, Germany

Sur le routes de l’exile

Le Pèlerin- June 2022, France

Esodo senza fine

Internazionale- April 2022, Italy

Children growing up on the move

Early childhood matters- December 2021, The Netherlands

Un popolo che fugge

Sette Corriere- November 2021, Italy

América Latina, cuando el destino es migrar

El País Semanal- October 2021, Spain

Path away

ZEKE- October 2021, United States


Washington Post Magazine- August 2021, United States

Migrant caravan

The Curious Society- July 2021, United States

Un sogno spezzato

Internazionale- April 2021, Italy

In Guatemala, a village buries its hopes

The Washington Post- March 2021, United States


6Mois- March 2021, France

In a fight over a Colombian cole, Covid-19 raises the stakes

UNDARK- July 2020, France

La marche san fins de Vènèzuèliens

Courrier International- June 2020, France

Gli ultimi migranti, quelli in fuga dal Venezuela

Il Reportage- June 2020, Italy

In colombia’s La Guajira, the native Wayuu are forgotten in the dust

Mongabay- May 2020, United States


Haaretz- Spring 2020, Israel

Climate change and resource pressures

ReVista- Spring 2018, United States

The cost of coal in Colombia

POLITICO- October 2017, European edition

Assoiffés d’eau & de justice

Pèlerin- March 2016, France


VICE- 2015, Colombia

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