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A discount might be granted to support photographers who cannot afford the regular fee. If that’s your case, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Building a portfolio

Create a long-term project

Funding, publishing, and exhibiting your work

Grant editing and writing

Nicolò Filippo Rosso offers portfolio reviews and guidance to photographers at different stages, tailoring a program to their goals and requests.

The mentoring is directed at those interested in using photography to explore social and environmental issues, personal stories, technical training, and coaching on the profession’s sustainability.

NFR offers inputs on strengthening the photographer’s identity, creating a connection with a story’s protagonists, planning a project, and building trust with editors and clients, crucial ingredients for the practice’s development.

One-to-one sessions of an hour are dedicated to portfolio reviews and technical tips for photography enthusiasts or photo-editing and sequencing for more seasoned colleagues.

NFR will focus on your work before meeting you.

A program of five sessions is dedicated to more extensive tutoring to ignite the beginners’ path into photography and to colleagues who request assistance in building long-term projects and grant editing and proposal writing.

NFR is the recipient of multiple grants and prizes. Through analyzing his winning edits and proposals, he will offer insights and guidelines on building a successful application and assist the mentees with their own.

Because he is often on the road, mentoring sessions will adjust to his assignments’ schedule.


Nicolò Filippo Rosso regularly lectures on photography and journalism at universities and academies, in person and online, in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

Nicolò Filippo Rosso’s collaborations include workshops conducted at institutions such as the Canon Academy (Italy), the VII Masterclass (France), Accademia Italiana (Italy), the University of Texas (US), and the George Washington University (US). In 2022, he partnered with renowned photo editor Marie Monteleone for a workshop at the ZOOM Photo Festival in Quebec. Other events include a masterclass at Ulilearn -Alta Formazione Fotografica- (Italy) and at Corso di Alta Formazione Annuale -Istituto di Ricerca e Formazione nelle Scienze Sociali (IRFOSS)- (Italy).

For information and availability, please get in touch via email or phone.

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