The Emerald Triangle

A few hours far from San Francisco, travelling up to Northern California, you can find an iconic landscape. If you travel along the seaside of the 101 Highway, you will leave behind the Mendocino County’s grape fields and cross the Redwood forest, in Humboldt County. Gigantic redwood trees stand on each side of the way, as if protecting their magical land. Up from the forest, yellow hills of dried grass are combed by the wind. It is an arid and dry landscape. For a novice eye, very few signs announce your arrival at the heart of the Emerald Triangle.
Since the 60’s and the growing consciousness of marijuana’s medical benefits, Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties became one of the most productive areas for cannabis in the world. For years farmers have been growing it in hidden greenhouses, risking jail sentences. Still, the promise of amazing incomes and the perfect weather conditions for marijuana agriculture has let this region live an authentic gold rush for the green weed.
This phenomenon attracts migrant workers in search of opportunities - the Emerald Triangle as the last Far West.